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Bereit für den Sommer Ihres Lebens?

Nutzen Sie den Sommer, um internationale Erfahrung zu sammeln!

Eine Summer School ermöglicht fachliche Weiterbildung kombiniert mit einem attraktiven sprachlichen und kulturellen Rahmenprogramm in einem internationalen Setting.

Die Liste der Summer Schools wird laufend aktualisiert; detaillierte Informationen zu den einzelnen Angeboten finden Sie im Intranet.





Silicon Valley Academy28.6.-11.7. Business Academy

15% Discount für FHWN Studierende
Utrecht Summer School6.7.- 28.8. Study Services International

10% Discount für FHWN Studierende
Toronto Business Academy19.7.- 1.8. Business Academy

15% Discount für FHWN Studierende
Munich Business Academy9.8.- 22.8. Business Academy

15% Discount für FHWN Studierende
Dublin Business Academy9.8.-22.8. Business Academy

15% Discount für FHWN Studierende

Yonsei International Summer School

6-Week: June 30 - August 6
4-Week: June 30 - July 23

Link to Summer School

Application Period
: January 3 - May 15

Complete online application form and upload a copy
of your transcript

FHWN Study Services International

Kansai Gaidai University, Summer program

June 8 - July 17

Link to Summer School

A coordinated series of Lectures on Japanese culture
Field trips to Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka on weekends
Living in a residence hall with local students

FHWN Study Services International

Haaga-Helia Summer School
Session 1
(2 weeks):
July 27 - August 7

Session 2
(4 weeks):
August 10 - August 21)
Link to Summer School

The programme will focus on Sales, Service and Entrepreneurship
FHWN Study Services International

Summer School at Bifröst University
July 18 – August 8Link to Summer School

Sustainable Leadership in the 21st Century
Application deadline: 1st June
FHWN Study Services International

20% for FHWN students
Seoul International Summer School
June 23 - July 24
Courses on Korean Language and Korean Studies, International Studies, Business&Economics, Urban Studies
Visits and Excursions
FHWN Study Services International

! tuition waived !
Ljubljana Summer School
July 6 - 24
Link to Summer School
FHWN Study Services International

Summer School - Artevelde Business School and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Summer School June 28 - July 11

"Hidden Business Champion Summer School" - Link
The focus is on innovative ways of doing business, appreciative enquiry, design thinking and company visits! Students with varied backgrounds are welcome, so not only business students can apply.

FHWN Study Services International
UCL Summerschool, London/UK
Session 1: June 28 - July 17
Session 2: July 20 - August 7
For more information on entry requirements, fees and full module descriptions please visit
FHWN Study Services International

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China

15th May - 28th May

10th June - 23rd June

Funding: JUFE funds this program and one free quota will be given to our
partner university. Each self-funded student only needs to pay 1500RMB
for off-campus expenses such as visiting tickets, off-campus meals, and
hotel accommodation.The round trip tickets between Nanchang city and
home country should be borne by students.
Please contact:
FHWN Study Services International